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My yours is blade
Im Ashley and I don't know what I like anymore


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brocks fuckiing eyes ARE YIU SERIYOUS


My anaconda don’t. 

My anaconda don’t.

My anaconda don’t want none. At all. I am an asexual

Anonymous whispered:
the shadow isles people would totally be those punk kids who all shop at hot topic and smoke behind the school. imagine thresh with a shitty band t-shirt and piercings all over omfg

Im trying so hard to not scream right now oh my god that’s hilarious

JUST IMAGINE HECARIM THO. (That awkward punk who is also on the track team bc fast fast button)

So I’ve never even thought about Yi with long hair until now

Yi with long hair is foreign to me. what is a long haired Yi.

Anonymous whispered:
okay but artsy punk kid malzahar y/n???

YES. I am 100% A-OKAY with this